Selasa, 27 September 2011

what's DANBO???

Danboard DANBO is short, made of paper board cartons. This doll is the creation of a comic artist Kiyohiko Azuma manga series Yotsuba. These dolls are very unique shape, namely action figures looking like human beings with mini size 7 cm and 13 cm. Anyone would feel passionately when I saw the Danbo this. How DANBO not be moved manually and is formed with a variety of unique styles.
Companies that make use of high technology in every joint doll is enabling him to move gracefully. Expression of the cute cardboard is a main attraction. Danbo itself in Japan is sold at prices ranging from 5000 yen, or about Rp. 500,000 rupiah per seed. In this tiny danbo manga series can move when there is a coin that is inserted into the mouth. You are interested in having them? Currently this cardboard doll can be ordered online at Danbo basis, make gemes wrote. Danbo following picture was taken in various poses are adorable.

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